ADA Compliant Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of January 26, 1992 requires US companies to make many kinds of facilities more easily accessible to the disabled. Signs designating permanent rooms and spaces in places of public accommodation must conform to ADA requirements. Signs are required to have raised letters, grade 2 Braille and pictograms where applicable. They must also meet size, contrast and mounting requirements.


Signs providing direction to, or information about, functional spaces of a building must also conform, but do not require raised characters or Braille. Reserved parking signs and directional signs that indicate the route to the nearest designated accessible entrance are also required.


Places of public accommodation include hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, offices, theaters, schools, hospitals, recreational facilities, airports, malls, banks, and most any place open to the public. Let us help you comply with these laws! We offer a variety of ADA signage.